2018 Race Results

First of all, on behalf of the team, to those of you who came to race against a rival, improve your time or just see if you could do it, our thanks. You were great competitors and it was our pleasure to welcome you to this often overlooked part of the country.  Our most sincere apologies for the lack of views on the day. We know that’s the main reason you came and are very sorry to disappoint.

So, here are the final, confirmed, checked and rechecked results. As this year’s course was very slightly longer, the winners can claim new course records! Many congrulations. Have fun examining the splits and wondering where those seconds went!

Male Ultra
1 Graham Connolly 04:49:00
2 Lee Muir 05:07:14
3 Martin Terry 05:30:07

Female Ultra
1 Lucy Downie 05:50:34
2 Laura Macdonald 05:56:35
3 Fiona Watt 05:59:00

1 The Cereal Killers 05:06:45
(Iain Mcgougan, Stewart Ireland, Alex Souden)
2 Uphill Hurriers 05:34:20
(Allan Reid, Fiona Graham, Robert McDonald)
3 ‘Big Mary’ 05:41:55
(Russell Hamilton, Ewan Jamieson, Richard Nimmo)

Male CycleUltra 
1 Calum Simpson 06:28:53
2 Rod Weir 06:35:24
3 Campbell Davidson 06:38:58

Female CycleUltra
1 Lucy Heycock 08:17:26
2 Julie Taylor-Flood 08:36:49
3 Rachael Halifax 09:39:54

Sportive (non-competitive but times included for interest)
1 Man: Campbell Sims 03:41:21
1 (and only!) Lady: Sam Groves 06:04:52