Dougie Vipond, presenter of the Adventure Show, is coming to Kintyre

Sean McFarlane is one of Scotland’s most successful long-distance triathletes and adventure racers. He finished runner up in last year’s KW cycle race. Sean also coached well known TV presenter Dougie Vipond for the BBC’s Adventure Show as Dougie took part in the 2016 Braveheart Triathlon. This year Dougie’s challenge is the KW cycle race; Sean and Dougie recently had a chat about how his preparation is going.

Sean McFarlane: So, Dougie, why this race?

Dougie Vipond: We filmed the running race at Kintyre last year for the Adventure Show and I was blown away by the whole thing. From the course, the location, the atmosphere. Plus, you’ve spent the last 6 months raving about the bike race, so I had to give it a go!

SM: How are you feeling about it?

DV: Nervous, seriously so, but also very excited and I think that’s a great combination of emotions.

SM: How’s training going?

DV: It’s not, so far. Have you looked outside?!! But I am going to get a lot done soon, especially now that I have decided on which bike I’m using.

SM: Ah yes, bike choice. Lots of debate last year about using a mountain bike or a cyclo cross/gravel bike. What are you going for and why?

DV: I’ll be using a cyclo cross. I have an Orange RX9 which is a cracking bike and perfect for the race so I’ve no excuse really.

SM: Orange do nice mountain bikes too you know?!

DV: Yes, and I did heavily consider using one. But I’m really a road biker with very little experience on a mountain bike so I think cyclo cross is best.

SM: Come to think of it Orange also do electric bikes! Ideal!

DV: Up yours.

SM: Fair enough. No one likes a cheat. Moving on, what type of training do you plan on doing?

DV: Firstly, lots of riding on mixed terrain for a decent length of time on the RX9. You always say there’s no substitute for practising what you need to do, plain and simple. I also plan on doing some basic strength and conditioning work. Last year I remember seeing finishers at end of the bike race looking pretty shaken up all over.

SM: Sounds good. What about a nutrition plan?

DV: Lots of steady grazing. I like my energy chews, but I’ll also take real food. So, plenty of filled sandwiches and rolls. I’ll try and keep off the emergency items like chocolate until later.

SM: How you carry nutrition and other bits and pieces is really important. I saw lots of people losing stuff from their bikes last year as they battered over the rougher terrain. I lost two water bottles and as a result was seriously dehydrated when I finished. Have you thought about that?

DV: Yup. I’ll be using a lightweight rucksack to carry all my nutrition, fluid, clothing and repair kit. Nothing on the bike as such and all on me. I’ve got a couple of options size wise so will let the weather gods decide.

SM: Last year there were quite a few punctures, especially for those using cyclo crossers. Big compromise here between high pressure tyres versus comfort. Any plans there?

DV: I’ll probably go for high pressure but am also using flat pedals as I’m fully prepared to get off and walk some of the rougher sections. Big day out stuff here so self-preservation is key.

SM: Talking of tyres, any thoughts?

DV: I’ve got a couple of sets with one having more tread than the other. I’ll make a call on the day. Would like to lose the one round my waist first.

SM: Any targets?

DV: Finishing is by far and away the main one, which frankly is far from guaranteed. It would be good to beat Rob Wainwright but he’s handy on the bike so that’s unlikely. I am meant to be presenting the prizes so do need to get back in time for that!

SM: Sounds like you’re all sorted Dougie, have a great race!

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New Event – Kintyre Way Cyclosportive

Do you love cycling but 73 miles is just that bit too far? Well how does this sound…..

Kintyre Way Cyclosportive – 42 miles along the Kintyre Way from Tayinloan to Campbeltown.
Difficulty Rating: Think 42 miles on varied terrain up and over the hills of the Kintyre peninsula. Hardly ever on level ground and only 8 miles on tarmac. We like to think it’s tough but achievable with the right training!

As a sportive this is not a race, you are competing against yourself in terms of strength and stamina. As such there are no prizes however you will get a great goody bag, the benefit of electronic timing and to be part of the great sporting event that is the Kintyre Way Ultra.

Please note that ALL entrants for the cyclosportive MUST check in on Saturday 5th May 08:30 to 10:15 at Tayinloan Village Hall, PA29 6XG (OS grid ref 698 459) Please don’t come earlier as there will be 100 + runners around!

Start time: 10:30   Overall time allowed: 9 hours

You are expected to make your own way to the start but please note there is no parking available in Tayinloan village. Either park at the Gigha Ferry car park (½ mile away) or get your co-driver to head for Campbeltown.

Entry fee per person:

    Standard   £49 up to 6/4/18
    Late entry £54 up to 15/4/18

Remember early bird rates finish soon and all entries close on the 15th April so be quick. To enter click here

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Doddie Gump and the Kintyre Way Ultra Cycle

Former Rugby star Rob Wainwright is set to tackle this year’s Kintyre Way Ultra cycle race. Helping inspire Rob with his training is his former Scotland teammate Doddie Weir, who is facing a challenge of his own with Motor Neuron Disease (MND).

Rob is raising awareness of MND by recording his training mileage over the period of the six nations Rugby championship and this will set him up for the cycle event. The Doddie Gump Challenge as it is known, requires participants to sign up and make a donation to MND research, then record their training mileage. The aim is for participants to reach 24,901 miles, the distance around the world, during the period of the 6 Nations.

Joining Rob in Training is the Kintyre Way Ultra Cycle co-ordinator Robbie Semple . Robbie, who has ridden the route several times said, “It’s a great way to train for the event and help a legend at the same time.”

The tough race sees cyclists ride the 75 mile route that criss-crosses the Kintyre peninsula and climbs over 8000 ft on Saturday the 5th of May .

Early bird entries for the Kintyre Way Ultra are open on Entry Central until the 31st of March (final closing date 15th April) and the Doddie Gump Challenge runs till the 17th of March .

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