2021 Final Details

This page should give you all the information about this year’s Ultra in one place. It is being updated as information falls into place. I’ve left last year’s results link for now for your entertainment.

The Final Details are here.

Obligatory Kit for All Runners

COVID Questions. We will not ask all of you every question but your appearance at registration assumes you can answer these satisfactorily.

We’ll have a zoom meeting on Tuesday 4th May at 7.30pm to enable you to ask any further questions. Here’s the Zoom link –
You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Kintyre Way Ultra

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 483 382 0244
Passcode: kintyreway

Your Number and Start Time, as well as which bus you’re on (if applicable) is here. Buses leave at 8.20 and 9.40.
Relay teams have designated start times too this year as there are 13 teams!

The tracking link for the event, to enable friends and fans to keep an eye on you, is here.

We advise folk to use wifi to load the page initially if possible to save a slow update when on mobile data.

The results for the Solo race are here
And for the Relay here

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2021 Here We Go

With all permissions in place now, we must emphasise that several special measures will be in place to protect athletes, volunteers and indeed the whole of the local community and any breach of these conditions may at worst make you and the race organiser liable to a fine and at best, bring the event into disrepute. We therefore respectfully ask you to read carefully all the directions and requests and in particular the final details which will not be published until a couple of days before the race to ensure they are up to date. Assume nothing!

Start times, Tracker Number and Bus Times will be issued earlier that week
to enable you to make travel plans.

In particular we have been asked to provide details of how we avoid gatherings and maintain social distancing at REGISTRATION, the START, CHECKPOINTS and at the FINISH


There will be a 2-stage process of registration. About half of you will be registering in the car/bus park in Tarbert where you will be asked the Covid Questions and can collect your bib with premarked medical details. There will be an opportunity to leave Finish Bags here. If you change your mind and want to go straight to Tayinloan, please tell us before Friday 7th May, otherwise you will still have to call in to Tarbert to collect your bib.

The rest of you will go through this process at Tayinloan over a period of one and a half hours which, if you don’t arrive too early, should prevent anything like a gathering. If you need to leave your car, please park at the Ferry terminal. Do not park in the village where buses have to pass through, nor on the single track road to the ferry terminal, even “just for five minutes”.
As you approach the playing fields and portable toilets at Tayinloan, you will see the three vehicles which will take your drop bags to Clachan, Skipness and the Finish.


There will be a timed start with fastest first to avoid overtaking. The first start will be at 9.05. Runners will be separated by 30 seconds though you may run in a bubble with someone if you let us know by the 17th April.
You will be called up to the Start, 3 minutes before your start time, at 30 second intervals, fastest person first, and move through the stations where you pick up your timing chip and tracker en route to the Start line.

Relay runners will have set start times this year because there are more of you. You will set off in between the two buses, i.e. between 9.30 and 10.06, not at the end as last year. We need you all to come to Tayinloan to check in and collect your trackers. To avoid passing on kit, each member will have their own tracker but there will only be one timing chip. This will be carried by the third leg runner, who will go through the start with the first leg runner to ‘start the clock’ then drop out. Please note: Relay runners have to carry all the same kit as solo runners.


There can be absolutely no spectators or supporters at the checkpoints. There will be a limit on the number of households who can meet (hopefully more than the 2 allowed at the moment) and this allocation will be needed for the volunteers and relay team members. Your family and fans will be
able to watch your tracker online at home. Please be careful to maintain social distancing and don’t ask marshals to do anything that involves


At the Finish, because you will be arriving over a period of 5 hours, you should be able to move through the one way system, collect your things, including a takeaway meal, and use toilets and showers, without feeling rushed. However, if it ever looks like getting ‘busy’ please move on before we have to ask.


There will be hand sanitiser at the Start, Finish and Checkpoints and instructions on how to use and sanitise the portable toilets.
The recommendation for social distancing for runners is 2m side by side and 5m in single file. For much of the race (the beach, the forestry roads, the open moor) this doesn’t present a problem for overtaking but there are sections on the verge and at the Finish where you can’t maintain this
distance and overtake. If you find yourself in a position to overtake someone, please try to do it where there is sufficient width. If you are in a narrow spot and need to stop (to tie your shoe lace for example) please step off the path to allow others to pass safely.
These will be The Covid Questions that we will be asking you prior to and at the event:
– Have you been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
– Have you been overseas to a country on the quarantine list in the last 14 days?
– Have you come from somewhere with restrictions on travel?
– Do you have COVID-19 symptoms (self-isolate for 7 days) or are feeling unwell?
– Have you been told to self-isolate as part of the contact track and trace measures in place?
– Do you agree to your details being provided to relevant track and trace teams, should this be necessary?
This will apply to volunteers as well!

As we don’t have access to village halls, you will be outside all the time. With precautions in place, we will be able to take your dropbags, including water, to checkpoints. Please note – We don’t have access to water supplies at the Start or at checkpoints so you will have to bring your own.

There will be portable toilets and hand sanitiser at the Start and at both checkpoints. Courtesy of Tarbert Harbour, you can use their toilets and showers at the Finish.

A takeaway meal will be provided from the marquee at the Finish by the owners of the Tarbert Hotel.

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Course Record Smashed

Congratulations to 20 year old St Andrews University Chemistry Student Kieran Cooper who didn’t just win the 2020 race, he bettered Paul Monaghan’s 2019 time by almost 20 minutes.

Confidently talking to the German film crew who pounced on him at the Finish Kieran produced ID to prove he was old enough to win the bottle of gin supplied by Beinn an Tuirc .

Although he made it look easy, Kieran confessed that he found the hill out of Skipness ‘horrendous’ but once over that, he enjoyed the downhill. Starting 30 seconds in front of Kevin Craig, the gap didn’t change for the first 10 kilometres along the beach but the more technical terrain after that showed Kieran’s strength and he began to pull away.

The staggered start based on estimated Finish time is not what runners are used to and while some might have preferred the company, Kieran and several others enjoyed having the space and freedom to run their own race and enjoy everything that this part of Kintyre has to offer.

The women’s race proved extremely close with less than 5 minutes separating the first four ladies, who had estimated times of between 5.30 and 6.10! Because of the staggered start times it was a little while before we could be sure of the winner and the post race chat discovered that they had hardly seen each other all day. Despite the good conditions, Elaine Somerville’s 2019 record of 5.21.59 was never seriously challenged.

Several people, having had no other races this year, were attempting their first Ultra and loved it. The variety of terrain and scenery, from the dramatic Paps of Jura to the soothing purple heather of the middle section, the deadly road into Skipness, the horrendous climb out and the welcome sight of the descent to Tarbert marina past the Castle made it highly technical and never boring.

We are once again extremely grateful to Tarbert Harbour for the use of their showers and toilets which are presently only available to residents at the marina. Huge thanks to Lyndsey and family from the Tarbert Hotel for the welcome soup, sandwich and cake at the end.

Thank you to all our sponsors and thank you to our wonderful volunteer teams who carried your bags, made sure you were safe and well and encouraged you along the way, saved you from cars and swept up behind you. Special thanks to Ted and Val from KitST who are so much more than a timing team. Their advice and support, not just on the day but very much in the lead up to the race has been invaluable.

And finally thank you to you, for coming, for trusting us, for complying with all requests to act considerately and for showing that we can get back out there doing the things we love.

Men’s Solo sponsored by Beinn an Tuirc
1 Kieran Cooper 04.02.36
2 Calum Oates 04.28.42
3 Nicholas Gemmell 04.31.25
Women’s Solo Sponsored by Kilkerran Single Malt
1 Aoife Ni Mhaoileoin 05:48:04
2 Nina Farmer 05:49:13
3 Nicola Dawson05:51:19
vet50+ sponsored by Loch Fyne Whiskies
Male GarethMcKenna 06:04:21
Female MaryKerr 07:16:16
Relay Teams sponsored by Fyne Ales
1 Frigate Bound (MacFarlane, Carbro, Oates) 4.35.08
2 Marydolls (Clark, Clark, Coulter) 4.52.19
3 Point Sands Plodders (McAuslan, Clark, Smith) 6.04.13
Full solo results
Relay results

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Roll On 2020

Saturday 29th of August will be the (revised due to Covid19 restrictions) big day in 2020, when we look forward to welcoming you back to the Kintyre Way.

The 2019 route from Tayinloan to Tarbert proved very popular and we’re repeating it for 2020.

We’ll be Watching You…
We are very excited to be introducing GPS trackers in 2020. This is becoming very popular in the ultra and mountain running world, both as a safety feature and for its entertainment value. Communications in Kintyre are notoriously difficult and this will be a great help to everyone. The tracker is a wee device about the size of a small mobile phone and it means that volunteers at checkpoints and race HQ will know where you are 99% of the time. – very helpful should you fail to be recorded, for whatever reason, at a checkpoint. It also means that friends and supporters [family at home] will be able to follow you in real time on the map, encouraging you up the hills and cheering you along the final run-in. And should anyone require medical assistance, we will be able to pinpoint your position precisely.

As previously, a bus will run from Tarbert to the start at Tayinloan, picking up en route. Owing to Covid19 restrictions, we will now have to have more than one bus.

Start time: Start times will be at approximately 30 second intervals after 9 0'clock with the anticipated fastest runners starting first to minimise overtaking. Max. 10 hours 
Check-in at Tayinloan   15 minutes before your start time.
Once entries close, we will ask for your anticipated time and create a start list from that. You'll then be allocated to an appropriate bus.

It’s worth mentioning that this will be an English Bank Holiday weekend. You might like to think about your accommodation requirements sooner rather than later.

What’s Included?
Drop bags will be taken from Tayinloan to checkpoints at Clachan and Skipness and finish bags will be taken to the Finish. This year, we are unable to offer anything other than water at the checkpoints but soup, sandwiches, cake and tea or coffee will be waiting for you at the Finish. Please mention any dietary requirements.

Toilets and showers will be available at the Finish, courtesy of Tarbert Harbour Board.

Costs will be:
Ultra £45 up to 31 March, then £50 up to 21 April (closing date)
Relay £39 per person up to 31 March, then £44 up to 21 April
SAL reduction £2
Bus option £5

Here’s your entry link.

Further details will be announced as things fall into place so keep an eye out for the latest posts and chat on Facebook.

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That Was 2019 That Was

Many congratulations to the 114 finishers (and three sweepers, especially Richard who just couldn’t stop and completed the whole lot in the end).

First of all, we are indebted to our sponsors Kilkerran Single Malt, Kintyre Gin, Loch Fyne Whiskies and Fyne Ales for prizes and this year to SSE who not only provided financial sponsorship but a great set of willing helpers. Without them there would either have been no prizes, no food or else the entry fee would have been significantly higher.

This was a new course, so the race winners are also record holders and given that we will only be running this course every three years, you could hold the record for many years to come!

We were delighted that the weather played its part in showcasing our beautiful Kintyre scenery – not sure who to thank for that – and it’s clear that for the majority of you, the experience wasn’t just about racing but about loving being out there in wild and beautiful places.

We were fortunate that Raymond Hosie was able to reschedule things to come along and take some stunning photographs. There’s an album here and if you would like copies, he’ll be happy to help.

There were many comments about our helpful, efficient, understanding team, who looked after you in all sorts of ways, from keeping you on track, recording your arrivals, the massage at the Finish, the food all day etc. etc.

And lastly, but never leastly, there’s YOU. Thank you all for coming, thank you for running, jogging, walking, leaping, laughing and smiling all the way from Tayinloan to Tarbert this year.

Here are the final results, courtesy of Keep it Simple Timing.


Male Ultra
1 Paul Monaghan 04:21:54
2 Duncan Steen 04:23:39
3 Willy Mamy 04:37:48

Female Ultra
1 Elaine Somerville 05:21:29
2 Katharine Sims 05:32:57
3 Elly Gaunt 05:51:18

1  Seagreen Supersonics   04:52:10
(Martha Lovatt, Bruce Henry and Mark Timmons)
2 The SSE Seconds 05:11:24
(Michael Blair, Craig Cunningham and Derek Belford)
3 Thompson Twins 05:28:00
( Mary-jo Coffield ,  Ferg Sim ,  Juliet Loudon )

Oh and make sure you like our facebook page so that you don’t miss out when we announce next year’s event.

And here’s a link to a video made by Jon Shatford https://youtu.be/LwM-tw2Cj4U

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Ready for 2019?

We’re very excited to announce 2019 as the beginning of a new phase in the Kintyre Ultra.

The whole Kintyre Way was extended three years ago to be  100 miles long, but until now, we have ignored the most recent addition down south. That’s going to change.  In future, the race will circulate between  Tayinloan to Tarbert, Tayinloan to Campbeltown and Machrihanish to Campbeltown. Thus you will be able to run the entire Kintyre Way over 3 years!

For 2019, you’ll be running the shortest section of 33 miles from Tayinloan to Tarbert.

As previously announced, the date will be Saturday 11th May, giving us the use of the large marquees at Tarbert Harbour.  This date isn’t a bank holiday so we hope that accommodation will be easier to find and are also looking into budget priced floor space.

A bus will run from Tarbert to the start at Tayinloan, picking up en route. You can book and pay when entering. By the time you finish, public transport will be functioning.

Start time 08:30, max. 10 hours 
Check-in at Tayinloan   07:00 to 08:15.
Bus to leave Tarbert at 07:00

Entries open 1st November.

Costs the same as last year:

Ultra £39 up to 31 March, then 
£44 up to 21 April (closing date)
Relay £36 per person up to 31 March, then 
£41 up to 21 April
SAL reduction £2
Bus option £4

Further details will be announced as things fall into place so keep an eye out for the latest posts and chat on Facebook.

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