Covid19 and the Ultra

Once it became clear that the Ultra could not proceed on its usual date, we negotiated with our partners to find a later date which suited everyone and this has been identified as the 29th of August.

As you can imagine, we will have to put in place a number of special measures to protect athletes, volunteers and indeed the whole of the local community. The most significant of these will be abandoning the mass start and introducing 30 second interval starts, as will be familiar to orienteers. This means that the start will last for around 90 minutes but the wonders of modern timing systems will ensure fair and accurate results.

Many details are being discussed and we will update this page as and when these are finalised. However, we are still only in Phase 1. Moving to Phases 2 and 3 isn’t something we as organisers can control so please, keep washing your hands, keep 2m apart, and let’s all not bend the rules thinking it’s only me.

We are cautiously optimistic at the moment but not counting our chickens.

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