Obligatory Kit

– Foil survival blanket
– Water. We don’t have access to village halls for water or refreshments. You should include water in your Drop Bags to be taken to the checkpoints and we will try to provide emergency water at two intermediate points. There is nowhere to obtain safe drinking water on the route other than the shop at Clachan Filling Station.
– Whistle. The emergency signal is 6 short blasts, repeated as necessary
– Mobile phone, with our support noumbers stored in your mobile (see below). Please note: mobile signal is weak in many places along the route but sometimes you can send and receive texts.
– Waterproof top and trousers. The weather is not looking good this year so we will be carrying out kit check at registration. 2nd and 3rd leg Relay runners will go through kit check at Clachan and Skipness
– Hat and gloves
– Your own face covering.
– Your own safety pins.
– Personal first aid kit including hand sanitiser or wipes, personal medication, items for minor cuts and blisters.