Ultra Solo

Each year we will run one third of the Kintyre Way, either Tayinloan to Tarbert, Tayinloan to Campbeltown or Machrihanish to Campbeltown. In 2022, we will run (for the first time) from Machrihanish to Campbeltown. Details of the route are available here 

Starting at 8.30 a.m. the distance is 33 miles with 1262 m of climb. There will be one checkpoint at Southend and two additional waterpoints.

Closing date for entries is 22nd April.

Price £48 with £2 reduction for SAL members.

In addition to electronic timing by KiTST each runner will carry a GPS tracker.

Entries open on Saturday 8th January
Note: If you are entering the Frolic as well, the Frolic will come up as an optional extra. The separate entry form for the Frolic is only for those who are not doing the Ultra.

We will take a drop-bag to the intermediate checkpoint for you as well as a bag for the finish on The Green. Showers will be available at the pavilion and your fan club can enjoy children’s entertainment while they are waiting.
Your race number has a tear off strip which is your meal voucher. Soup, sandwiches, cake and a hot drink will be available in the Victoria Hall, where you can enjoy a free massage and where the prizegiving will be held at 5 p.m.

Foil survival blanket
Water supply (bladder or bottle). Top-ups will be provided at checkpoints and hopefully intermediate points in each section.
Whistle. The emergency signal is 6 short blasts, repeated as necessary
Mobile phone, with our 2 support numbers stored in your mobile. Please note: mobile signal is weak in many places along the route but you can sometimes send and receive a text even when you have a weak signal.
Full body cover must be brought to registration. A decision will be made on the day whether you need to carry this during the race (depends on weather) and if not needed you can pop it in your finish bag.

You are responsible for your own safety and that of fellow-runners.
With safety in mind, please follow these simple rules:
No ear phones
No dogs
Always stop to help an injured competitor. This may involve making them comfortable and going on to a checkpoint or somewhere with a mobile phone signal.
Wear your number on your front where it is visible to marshals. As your medical details etc are on the back of your number, it cannot be swapped with anyone else.
At road crossings, follow marshals’ instructions to wait until traffic is clear and to walk across roads. This has been agreed with Police Scotland.

Ultra Relay

Friday Frolic