Plans for 2021

Well, who would have thought we would still be dealing with such uncertainties, coming towards 2021! 2020 taught us how to be flexible if nothing else, so we are happy to share our thoughts with you at the moment. Given the way lockdowns and travel restrictions are coming and going, we want everyone to be able to hold off booking until the last possible moment, while still knowing that everything can be ready to go.

Almost certainly we will be employing the various measures to maintain social distancing and hygiene that were used in 2020, with limited or no access to indoor facilities en route. With this in mind, we will open entries on 2nd of January as promised but only in waiting-list format, so that you won’t be paying anything at this stage. Entries will close on 17th April at which point payment will be taken. You should complete everything as though it is a full booking, including your place on the bus, estimated time, who you want to run with, if required. Don’t be deterred by the fact that Entry Central will tell you the event is full!

We can also tell you that, should the event have to be postponed from the 8th of May, the new date will be the 24th of July. We hope this will help with any other holiday plans you and your families have.

Meanwhile, we wish you a very happy and healthy New Year and hope that you will be able to join us in wonderful Kintyre once more.

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We will update them when the crystal ball clears.

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