That Was 2019 That Was

Many congratulations to the 114 finishers (and three sweepers, especially Richard who just couldn’t stop and completed the whole lot in the end).

First of all, we are indebted to our sponsors Kilkerran Single Malt, Kintyre Gin, Loch Fyne Whiskies and Fyne Ales for prizes and this year to SSE who not only provided financial sponsorship but a great set of willing helpers. Without them there would either have been no prizes, no food or else the entry fee would have been significantly higher.

This was a new course, so the race winners are also record holders and given that we will only be running this course every three years, you could hold the record for many years to come!

We were delighted that the weather played its part in showcasing our beautiful Kintyre scenery – not sure who to thank for that – and it’s clear that for the majority of you, the experience wasn’t just about racing but about loving being out there in wild and beautiful places.

We were fortunate that Raymond Hosie was able to reschedule things to come along and take some stunning photographs. There’s an album here and if you would like copies, he’ll be happy to help.

There were many comments about our helpful, efficient, understanding team, who looked after you in all sorts of ways, from keeping you on track, recording your arrivals, the massage at the Finish, the food all day etc. etc.

And lastly, but never leastly, there’s YOU. Thank you all for coming, thank you for running, jogging, walking, leaping, laughing and smiling all the way from Tayinloan to Tarbert this year.

Here are the final results, courtesy of Keep it Simple Timing.


Male Ultra
1 Paul Monaghan 04:21:54
2 Duncan Steen 04:23:39
3 Willy Mamy 04:37:48

Female Ultra
1 Elaine Somerville 05:21:29
2 Katharine Sims 05:32:57
3 Elly Gaunt 05:51:18

1  Seagreen Supersonics   04:52:10
(Martha Lovatt, Bruce Henry and Mark Timmons)
2 The SSE Seconds 05:11:24
(Michael Blair, Craig Cunningham and Derek Belford)
3 Thompson Twins 05:28:00
( Mary-jo Coffield ,  Ferg Sim ,  Juliet Loudon )

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And here’s a link to a video made by Jon Shatford

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